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Full Moon Day Celebration Dec 2017

A full moon day celebration was held on 3rd December 2017 at Nagaloka. Dhammanaga reminded us of the importance of the celebration of the full moon day. The master of ceremonies was Sheelrashmi. There were around 200 participants, 100 men and 100 women. Many people from outside Nagaloka joined us. Dhammanaga gave a talk on the importance of Dr. Ambedkar’s life events, and mentioned the kindness of the Nagaloka gardener who was ill. He also spoke about fear of death and how it affects the students while they study here. He emphasized that the training should be carried out in an atmosphere so positive that it would change and inspire everyone.

In such a way, all the participants realized and understood the importance of the full moon day celebration. They discussed publicizing the full moon day as Buddhist Cultural Day, and to organize a one day program in which local people can participate on this day.