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Republic Day 2018

The Republic Day celebration was held on 26th Jan 2018 at Nagaloka and was conducted by Prof. Chandu Maiske. Its purpose was to remind us of the meaning of our Republic Day and recollect our responsibilities as citizens of India. There were 121 participants, 53 women and 68 men. Prof. Maiske gave a talk on the Indian citizen, mentioning three main points that everyone should consider on this occasion:

  • We should think about the development of our Indian nation.
  • We should remember that every individual is important for our future development.
  • Everyone should remember that in reality there is no caste identity and we are all one humanity.

The students were inspired by listening Prof. Maiske’s speech and they learned of their responsibilities as citizens of India. They wanted to organize a Republic Day program each year to refresh our memories and help others what are our responsibilities as Indian citizens.