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The Kalamasutta Retreat 2015

In order to nurture spiritual life, deepen meditation practice, cultivate mindfulness and learn more about Buddhism, various activities are organised every year in Nagaloka.
This year, second alumni retreat was organised from 20th to 25th July, 2015 at Sambodhi, Nagaloka. The theme of the retreat was Kalama Sutta and was led by Dhammachari Manidhamma. 34 alumni including 23 male and 11 female from nine different states of India participated in the event. Every day sessions include meditation, lectures, group discussions, presentations, and silence observation. Dhammachari Manidhamma began the event with a talk on ‘Introduction of Sutta and Importance of Sutta in present situation”. For group discussion, total participants were divided into three different groups led by Dhammachari Manidhamma, Dhammachari Nagdeep and Sushant.