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The Kalamasutta Retreat 2017

A Kalama Sutta retreat was held from 3rd to 9th December 2017 at Nagaloka to eradicate false views and develop right views concerning reality. The retreat was facilitated by Vivekaratna. There were 150 participants attending the retreat, 80 women and 70 men. Vivekaratna gave a talk on the Sutta in which he spoke about greatness of this teaching of the Buddha that explained what he did not teach and what he really taught. The main points were:

  • Don’t believe something just because it is written in history
  • Don’t believe a teaching simply because it said by a great man
  • Don’t believe just because it is taught by great teachers
  • Believe a teaching when you have tested it yourself and found that it leads to good results.

After this talk all the students were inspired. They shared their own experiences while living with their families. They all understood the meaning of this teaching of the Buddha, given some 2550 years ago. They also decided to organize a retreat like this regularly. While planning this kind of retreat in future we saw the need to call on more mature people who can support the discussion and promote development.