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The Meditation Retreat August 2018

The meditation retreat was held at Nagaloka from 5th to 11th August 2018 for new students. The purpose of the retreat was to make understand or train basic mediation for the new batch. It was lead by Dh. Tejdarshan along with other Dhammachari/charini’s Padmaveer, Nagamitra, Maitrichitta,  Amitmati, & Nityashree. There were around 90, female 85 male, total 175 participate. On this retreat Tejdarshan gave a talk on meditation and in his talk he spoke about the meditation in very details those;

  • Importance of the Meditation
  • Types of the meditation
  • About five hindrances
  • How to recover of our five hindrances

Apart from this, he trained the new students the sitting postures, showed power point presentation regarding meditation. So that, the students were understanding easily. In that retreat, they got very good exposure from many expertise (experienced people like Dhammacharini and Dhammachari). The conclusion of the retreat was extremely good and the students seem to become interested in meditation.