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Mitra Day Celebration August 2018

The mitra day celebration has been celebrating since a long year ago.  Through this celebration, experienced people motivate to the young people and new dhamma Mitra’s to get inspiration to practice the precepts.  In today’s 12th August 2018 celebration Dh. Maitriyanth gave a talk on the going for refuge where around 150 participants were there.  Female 90 and male 60 were there. He talked about a few important points regarding Dhammamitra’s in order to;

  • Importance of Dhamma for Mitras
  • How to follow “Panchasheel”
  • How going for refuge is most important in Mitra’s life.
  • How do Buddhist practice the Dhamma?

People responded very positively how did they benefit from this celebration. They gave a very productive feedback to continue this celebration all the time.