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General Retreat Aug 2018

The general retreat was held at Sambodhi, Nagaloka on 19th August 2018. It was initiated by DH. Tejdarshan & Dh. Prasannabodhi. The purpose of this retreat to deepen the dhamma Mitra’s into the Buddha Dhamma and Sangha. There were around 125 participants female 70 and male 55. On this retreat, Tejdarshan gave a talk about practicing dhamma and precepts. He talked very much about the Buddha’s five precepts in order to;

  • The Importance of Dhamma and Sheela
  • How to follow the “Panchasheel” in day-to-day life.
  • How sheel helps to modify human’s lifestyle
  • How the practicing dhamma is helpful for everyone.

After hearing his talk everyone has the time to discuss about it deeply and gave a feedback about to continue this kind of retreat often. and this retreat ended with thanks for the vote to Tejdarhsan and Prasannabodhi.