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The Kalamasutta Retreat 2018

The Kalamasutta retreat was held at Nagaloka on 5th to 1oth November 2019. The purpose of the retreat was to make people realize their own responsibility and how it’s to be taken during the day to day life. Accordingly Dh. Vivekratna has the responsibility to lead the retreat. There was a supportive team to make the people motivated in learning such as; Nagamitra, Pragyaratna, Suvirya, Varadamma, Sheelvardan, Nithyashree, Rekha, Sushant & Rekha. These people were taking different responsibilities to make this retreat fruitful. There were around 400 people from both the Nagaloka and the general public. Where they enjoyed and learned about the life and responsibility of life.

Accordingly Dh. Vivekratna has given different many tasks to follow during the retreat-like, group discussion, lecture, and presentation so that people can understand everything easily and also benefitting from the retreat. It was taken a very good place and helped people to get more knowledge about Kalamasutta.