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INEB 2013

International Network of Engaged Buddhists Conference,
Brickfields Mahavihara, Kuala Lumpur,
1st-4th November, 2013
The theme of the conference was Inter-faith Dialogue for Peace and Sustainability, with the emphasis on Buddhist- Moslem dialogue, which was very pertinent being in Malaysia and with troubles in neighbouring Thailand and Burma.  Lokamitra, a member of the Advisory Body, was asked to be a member of a panel, and give a short presentation on The Spirit of the Future ~ Is Peace Possible? In that he tried to show how Dr. Ambedkar, coming from one of the most structurally oppressed communities the world has known, found a path in Buddhism that fully supported the principles of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, empowered its followers, and stood  unequivocally for peace. In the discussion that followed the short presentations, he emphasised that Buddhism stood for democracy and secularism.

On the last day, Sulak Sivaraksa, the founder of INEB, convened a meeting of Burmese Buddhists, Moslems and Christians. It was decided to form a commission including Buddhists, Moslems and Christians, collaborating with local civil-society bodies inside Myanmar, with three objectives:

  1. To bring forth the facts of Buddhist-Muslim conflict in Myanmar.
  2. To ascertain the causes of this conflict.
  3. To develop resources and proposals for the establishment of inter-religious peace and harmony in Myanmar.

Maitreyaratna and Prashant, two alumni of Nagaloka, also attended, as well as Vivekamitra, who works with Lokamitra.