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Alumni General Council Meeting July 2017

Date: 6-7th July 2017 at Nagaloka

Nagaloka Alumni Association is in the process of solidification. Members of the General council who consist of the most active alumni with the broader Nagaloka alumni association forms the heart of the association and makes important decision for the continuity and the future of the association.

NagalokaThis three days gathering focused on the discussion and presentation on the vision, mission, challenges, opportunity of the Nagaloka Alumni Association. The conference ended with planning sessions for the next Alumni Conference which is scheduled to happened on 5th-9th November, 2017.  The general council together with Lokamitra made selection of some  8-10 Alumni to meet regularly and discuss the future plan of Alumni Association for next four months till the Annual Conference in November.

Organiser’s team also called for  a meeting with  member of the GFR team which included Amoghasidhi and Amrutdeep who shared their thoughts about the Going for refuge process and how to become a part of it. Representatives from National Network of Buddhist Youth (NNBY) shared their success story since the beginning of NNBY.  The Buddha festival team which included Ritayush and Mr. Talware  shared their vision, goal and importance of Buddha festival. Such meetings were cold forth specially to show the solidarity and sharing the experience and enhancing the capacity of Nagaloka Association for their further training and field work.