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International Buddhist Group Interaction

A programme was held on 6th November 2017 at Nagaloka to facilitate interaction with other Buddhist groups from abroad i.e. those who are members of the International Buddhist College. It was facilitated by Tejdarshan & Nagamitra. There were around 79 participants. The significant points discussed were:

  • The provision of information about the International Buddhist College.
  • What processes will be needed for admission to the College?
  • What will constitute eligibility to apply for admission to the College?
  • The provision of a written test to be conducted by an IBC team.
  • How to get a Visa to study at the IBC centre.

Most of the students felt inspired at the prospect of pursuing their higher education at IBC. Many of them put questions to the guests regarding the process of getting admission to IBC. Everyone agreed that it would be necessary to prepare for admission in order to pursue our post graduation in Buddhist Studies.