AGM 2018

The AGM was held on 21st January 2018 at Nagaloka to evaluate all the activities in the year 2017. The meeting was facilitated by Lokamitra and Maitreyanath. There were 19 AGM members participating. Each of the AGM members presented a report. The chairmen reported first, then everyone else. The treasurers gave reports too, in some cases seeing the need to rectify their reports. Afterwards there was discussion of main agendas and how they were to be implemented.

  • Discussion to be held at Council meetings
  • Issues regarding Prof. Padmaveer, and who is accountable for legal issues at the College.
  • Wardens’ issues: wardens who should be replaced in the coming year.

All members were now in possession of clear information regarding 2017 activities and beyond. Plans for the future are clear. All issues are to resolved before coming to the next AGM meeting, and reports are to be presented in a clear and meaningful way.