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6th Alumni Conference- 2014

The 6th Alumni conference took place in Nagaloka 7th – 12th November, 2014. The theme was “Dhammakranti and Social Action in Your Area”. The aim of the conference was to bring alumni together, create a platform to share their experiences on their efforts to spread Buddhism in their respective states, and to review alumni social and Dhamma activities. Nearly 80 alumni participated. The alumni made presentations, and group discussions, panel discussions, talks, and cultural programmes took place.

The conference opened with a key note speech by Dhammachari Vivekaratna, Nagarjuna Training Institute. Dhammacharini Bodhimodini gave a talk entitled “Sharing Experience of Working with Women” and Dhammacharini Abhayadana on “Balsanskar Varg”. Alumni presentations were made on the basis of their experiences with different Tritatna centres throughout the country and the challenges they faced in the society. These alumni were Amit from Uttar Pradesh, Dhammasen from Orissa, Sugatavmso from Gujarat, Jadumani from Orissa, Divya from Tamil Nadu, Maitreyaratna from Orissa, and Kamal from Rajasthan.

A panel discussion headed by Maitreyanath and Vivekaratna discussed difficulties faced by alumni in their day-to-day field work, and looked at ways to overcome challenges. This was followed by group presentation of each state sharing plan of action of their activities. Nilima Ambekar and Dh.Suvidhya from Manuski, Pune took a session on social action.