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9th Alumni Conference 2017

The 9th alumni conference was held for four days, from 7th to 10th November 2017 in Nagaloka. Its purpose was to strengthen the Nagaloka alumni from all over the 19 states of India in their work of developing Buddhist youth leadership in their striving for Prabuddha Bharat.  There were almost 175 participants attending the conference, 90 men and 80 women. The conference was facilitated by Lokamitra and anchoring was done by Utpala and Divya. There were a number of speakers with extensive experience in their respective fields.

Also contributing were a number of academicians in the fields of student leadership, a renowned social activist, and speakers from printed media, all of whom shared their experiences in their respective fields. The guest from Malaysia, Ven. Wei Wu, gave a talk on his experience working with Buddhist leadership development. There were also others from Malaysia who spoke.

Two major events took place on the Conference, and these were followed by others. The first was the inauguration of the Alumni Association, which was given the name of the Nagaloka Association. The second was that all Alumni declared their wish to be involved in further activities.