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Higher Study To Taiwan

NTI Students Went For Higher Study To Taiwan

SIX students from Nagarjuna Training Institute have been selected to pursue their higher study in Taiwan. Nagaloka is constantly striving to provide our students and alumni with opportunities for higher study in abroad. In addition to the wonderful opportunity this creates for our students, it also helps to create deeper connections with different Buddhist cultures and nations outside of India.

This year we have received support for the sponsorship from Hsuan Chuang University and TH Lee.

In 2013 there was a CULTURAL EXCHANGE program between Hsuan Chuang University and Nagarjuna Training Institute. 10 students with 2 Assistant Professors visited Nagaloka for this program. Hsuan Chuang University is a private Buddhist university in Xiangshan District, Hsinchu City, Taiwan. Founded in 1997 by the Ven. Liao Zhong and named for the Tang Dynasty monk Xuanzang. the school was promoted to university status in 2004. It offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees, mainly in humanities subjects.

TH Lee is one of the chief disciples of the famous Master NAN HUAI JIN of China. Master NAN was always inspiring and encouraging and supporting for Chinese language study in Nagaloka. After his passing away, Dr. T H Lee took this responsibility and helped NTI students for study in Taiwan.

4 students out of 6 went to Taiwan on 16th Oct. 2019 while other 2 went on 21st Feb.2020. They are all studying in Hsuan Chuang University, Taiwan. Ven. Zhao Hui and Prof. Huang are guiding and taking care of them in Taiwan.