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Orientation Program ODS19

Orientation Program for Online Dhamma Sekhiya Course – Batch 19

The orientation program was held on 29th August 2021 at Nagaloka. The program was conducted in online through zoom and it was taken three parts. Academic core team –  Dhivya, Sushant and Nagadeep took different responsibility to facilitate of every session as it was a first online course starting by the Nagaloka.

Part 1, it was conducted by Nagadeep about the uses of the zoom and how to be used while attending the classes. It was around one and half an hour. There were around 35 people in that orientation program. It was theoretical and practical learning of zoom. As per the new candidates it was very useful to know about the understanding of the zoom.

Part 2: In the part 2 section, we had an orientation on course. It was facilitated by Dhivya on zoom and it was taken around 1 hour as this was the introductory of the course and interaction session of the students and staffs. Though it was conduced on online it went so well. Because knowing each other (students, teachers, and staffs) before the course is most important which have done on this session. And, especially this session also taken place of giving complete details of the course.

Part 3: In the part 3 of the orientation program facilitated by Sushant on the details of the campus, and the all staffs. He introduced of the all staffs at Nagaloka, the campus from where the courses conducting. It was taken around 1. Hour. And it was a wonderful session as we were knowing about the Nagaloka and the people who involves in the course like, teachers, staffs, mentors and core team etc. Apart from that some staffs were asked to give best wishes to the new students. In this session we invited all the staffs to join in that program and they were there.