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Buddhist Musical Fusion: Minds In Harmony

A Buddhist Musical Fusion: Minds in Harmony was arranged at Nagaloka for the NTI students and other general people- between Renowned Tibetan Folk & Opera Singer, Lobsang Tenzin Namling and Surekha Kamble Renowned Drupad Singer from Bhopal. There were about 200 people attended this event. The Tibetan Folk Songs sung by Lobsang Tenzin Namling were more than 1000 years old describing the culture of the Tibet people. Surekha Kamble is Nationally acclaimed female Dhrupad Vocalist, Artist, teacher and performer. She is one of the only five female Dhrupad vocalists. She has been in this field since 1993. Some presentations by Surekha Kamble is said to be about 5000 year old. All the students and the general people were really amazed by the songs and the fusion probably for the first time between Drupad singer and a Tibetan Folk singer.

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