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Meditation Retreat 2015

A meditation retreat for the Dhammasekhiya course trainees was organised from 21st until 28th July, 2015 at Buddha Surya Vihar, Nagaloka. The retreat was led by Dhammachari Vivekratna. Along with Dhammasekhiya trainees, students from the graduation and skill development programmes also participated. 74 boys and 70 girls benefitted from the retreat.

On these eight days, participants were introduced to the basic meditation practices, the Anapanasatti and the Metta Bhavna (cultivation of Universal loving kindness), walking meditation, and taught how to work with hindrances in meditation, as well as to keep a meditation diary. For two days participants observed complete silence. Dhammachari Vivekratna held some question and answer sessions and on the last day students were divided in groups in which they shared their experiences.