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Alumni Retreat July 2017

This Alumni retreat was held from 26th June to 1st  July 2017 at Nagaloka. Nagaloka staff members participated. There were 28 people in all, 18 women and nine men. The retreat was led by Dh. Lokamitra. The purpose of the retreat was to introduce our main goal all alumni and others who are involved in Nagaloka. To explain this, a number of points were explained to the participants:

  • The characteristics of a true individual contrasted with the Group,
  • The evolution of animal  consciousness and of human consciousness
  • The creation of a spiritual community by the practice of Dhamma principles
  • Transformation from an animal attitude to a truly human attitude

During the retreat everyone learned how to work on themselves to achieve a personal and organizational goal. They found the retreat a very effective way of achieving this.