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Diwali Retreat 2017

This Diwali retreat was held on 17th to 22nd October 2017 at Nagaloka and was led by Dh. Maitreyanath. Its purpose was to help people understand how to apply Buddhist principles during such holidays. There were 230 participants, 120 women and 110 men. Utilizing the Sigalovada Sutta (the principles of the ideal householder), Dh.Maitreyanath spoke on these points:

  • How Sigala spent his life
  • What are the six sides/directions and why salute them?
  • By practicing Buddha’s teachings, anybody can transform his life

It was a really inspirational talk and everyone was helped to realize what is the real Buddhist life. All the participants learned the importance of respect for each other and how to live the Dhamma life.