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Alumni Retreat Dec 2017

The alumni retreat was held from 26th to 30th December 2017 at Nagaloka to deepen the participants’ spiritual practice and learn how to implement that principle in their daily life. It was facilitated by Nagamitra. There were 23 participants, 13 women and ten men. Nagamitra gave a talk on the Seven Bodhiyangas or Limbs of Enlightenment, speaking of how these can be applied in our lives in order to cultivate balance in our mundane activities. They were also helpful, he said, in overcoming our personal problems while trying to lead the spiritual life. After the talk all the students realized the importance of this principle in our daily lives. He introduced this historical teaching of the Buddha in a contemporary and accessible way that people could understand easily. At the end of the retreat, everyone wanted such a retreat held often to further develop their spiritual life.