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Ashoka Dhammadhuta Retreat March 2018,

Date: 14-23 March 2018

The Asoka Dhammadhuta Programme is a new initiative for Alumni to develop sustainable Buddhist communities all over India through basic Dharma teaching (see note 13 above). This first retreat was held to introduce 19 alumni from the seven clusters of alumni in six States (Kerala, Orissa, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka [2], and Bihar) to the programme and plan the first three months. The retreat was led by Vivekratna and supported by Upayaraja and Maitreyanath. Vivekratna led the alumni through a three-month programme of introductory classes to Buddhism. The subjects included:

  • Class Structure: Chanting, Meditation, and lecture on why Buddhism.
  • The importance of Buddhism in daily life.
  • The difference between Margadata (Giver of the path) and Mokshadata(giver of salvation).
  • The five precepts and how to practice in day to day life.
  • The meaning of Sangha, especially as opposed to general group behavior.

In July the alumni of the seven clusters will report back on their experience and plan the next three months’ classes.