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Workshop on Baseline Survey

The workshop on baseline survey was organised at seminar room in Training Building, Nagaloka from 16th to 20th December, 2015. The workshop was attended by 18 alumni (10 male and 8 female). The overall aim of the workshop was to provide skill in order for ascertaining the socio-economic status of a given area; to develop an investigative attitude among socially engaged alumni; and to provide analytical skills for the information extracted from baseline. Mr. Gauthama Prabhu, Director of Nagarjuna Training Institute, Nagaloka led the workshop.

The workshop began with an introductory address on need of baseline survey and method to conduct baseline survey. During the workshop, participants were divided into groups and sent to various areas namely Indora, Dhammadeep Nagar, Sanjay Gandhi Nagar and Pili Nadhi located in Nagpur city and Rama Nagar, Kamgar Nagar, Kumhare Colony and Ramgarh of Kamptee Tehsil. Alumni visited the Balwadi centre of these areas and gathered basic information about the centre. During the field visits, alumni explored the functioning of Balwadi centre, Maternal and child care, social problems and socio-economic background of selected localities. With the support of Balwadi staffs, alumni conducted home visit and interview some of the community people. After the field visit, each group gave presentation of their findings and shared their field experiences.