Dhammachari Lokamitra’s Visit to Thailand in 2017.

Date: 15-19 March 2017

Lokamitra Leads a Half a day Workshop on Revival of Buddhism in India at INEB Office

Dhammachari Lokamitra led a half day workshop about the revival of Buddhism in India with the students of INEB Institute at International Network of Socially Engaged Buddhists(INEB) office. The Institute runs the Masters in program in Engaged Buddhism and the English for socially engaged Buddhist Program. The participants came mostly from Asia such as Thailand, Laos, Sri Lanka, japan, India and few other from the Europe.

Celebrating 84th Birthday of Ajarn Sulak Sivaraksa at Siam Centre, Bangkok

Sulak Sivaraksa celebrated his 84th Birthday on 17th March 2017 in Siam Centre, Bangkok. Lokamitra spoke about his friendship with Ajarn Sulak and the work he has done as social activist and writer. Ajarn Sulak  is the founding member of INEB and SNF Foundation which seeded the Social movement in Thailand. Lokamitra is been part of the INEB Network since 2000 and has been close friend with him. The birthday celebration attracted many prominent INEB members from across Asia as well as the local social activist and prominent Political leaders of Thailand.

Workshop on Buddhism in India and Introduction to Meditation at Santi Asoke Centre, Bangkok : 18-19th March, 2017

Dhammachari Lokamitra led a Two days workshop on Buddhism in India and the Introduction to Meditation with some 20 people at the Santi Asoke Centre near Bangkok. Santi Asoke is a progressive Buddhist group known for its radical approach to dharma and initiative to care for nature. Few monks and Laypeople from this group visits our centre in Nagaloka quite frequently and became interested in the way dhamma is taught in Triratna Buddhist Community. One of the lay follower of this group also got ordain as Mitra. This visit, therefore, was the continuation of the dialogue we have with Santi Asoke.