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Academic Development Workshop November 2017

An Academic Development workshop was held on 1st & 2nd November 2017 at Nagaloka. The purpose of the workshop was to develop a strategic plan for the Nagarjun Training Institute, Nagaloka. The workshop was lead by Lokamitra and facilitated by Mangesh Dahiwale. There were eight participants. Lokamitra explained the purpose of educational development at Nagaloka, pointing out that it should be developed in order to;

  • Cultivate students’ knowledge of Buddhism
  • Engage students effectively with the Ambedkarite movement
  • Help students to communicate Buddhist philosophy skilfully
  • Throw light upon role models for teaching such as Jyotirao Phule and Savitribai Phule

After discussing these points, everyone saw that if we intend to develop Nagaloka according to our objectives, values and vision, we must offer skilled, well qualified training to those who are engaging with Nagaloka education. The main aspects of this will be:

  1. A foundation course which covers the three ideals of Buddhism
  2. A workshop on how to teach.
  3. A prospective Alumni teachers’ workshop.
  4. A workshop on the evaluation of teachers’ performance.

These points were agreed by all the participants in the workshop. They also agreed that for the further growth of NTI it was necessary to develop Strategic Planning in some detail.