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Teacher’s Workshop Nov 2017

The Teachers Workshop was held on 28th & 29th November 2017 at Nagaloka. Nine teachers of the B.A.Course, five women and four men participated. The workshop was conducted by Divya. The purpose was to enhance teaching abilities in order to provide value based education in Nagarjun Training Institute, Nagaloka. Divya gave a power point presentation illustrating teachers roles and responsibilities concerning their teaching abilities and classroom management. This helped teachers to refresh and update their knowledge. She has also conducted a test to see how the teachers would evaluate their own performance. Some points she covered and that were also discussed as a group, which the teachers found particularly useful were:

  1. A review of the last few workshops
  2. Desirable characteristics of teachers and classroom management
  3. The promotion of student interaction in the classroom
  4. How teachers should be prepared
  5. What teachers need to do for the students
  6. Performance evaluation of students and teachers
  7. Relationship between teachers and students
  8. The teacher as leader
  9. Knowledge, skills and disposition.
  10. How to communicate subjects in the classroom.

It proved to be a really inspirational presentation, and very fruitful discussion was held. All the teachers expressed their willingness to attend this kind of workshop.