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Workshop on Ambedkar Thoughts

The workshop was held on 26th December 2017 at Nagaloka. The purpose of the workshop was to train the trainees to understand Ambedkar’s thought. The workshop was conducted by Prof. Maitriveer Nagarjun & Nagamitra. There were around 140 students participating. At that workshop Maitriveer Nagarjun has given a talk on who was Ambedkar & what he has done for our society as well why Ambedkar. There were a few points on what he has specified in his talks in order;

  • Why Ambedkar thoughts need in the Modern era
  • Religion for man, not man for religion
  • How people easily influencing by superstition, even in the modern era
  • Concept of god; how people accept things blindly without logical thinking
  • What could be the main principles where we can develop the society by Dr Ambedkar’s views?

All the participants have learn how to understand the situation in society while working they realized self learning. It was tremendous atmospheres where students can develop themselves. It was also decided to have this kind of workshops ever.