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Raising Resources Workshop

The three days Raising Resources Workshop was held from 21st to 23rd January 2018 in Nagaloka. It was facilitated by Jan Fry from UK and Mangesh Dahiwale from Pune. 25 alumni from 9 states attended the program. Jan Fry, a communication strategist from the UK, shared her work experiences in the social sector. She guided the participants excellently through the framework of funding proposals and basic channels of communications used by NGOs working with communities. The participants, working in groups, were given an exercise to write mock project proposals. Jan Fry’s guidance included frameworks for funding proposals, and she gave some key notes for an effective Proposal.

NagalokaAfter her guidance all the Alumni began to write proposals. A total of five proposals came up from the participants. This program also enabled the Nagaloka Association, which is still under the registration process, to come up with a communication framework for publicity purposes and resource management. The framework was worked out during the three days program itself. By the end of the workshop the Alumni were inspired by what they had learned.