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Workshop on River of Life

This two day workshop was held on 20th & 21st  Feb 2018 in Nagaloka. There were 69 students participating,. It was facilitated by Alan Senuke (USA) and Jill Jamson (Australia) with the idea of motivating activists to work for their society. Alan and Jill gave great talks on the four principles contained in the Vajji Sutta of the Pali Canon:

  1. Coming together frequently
  2. Working harmoniously together
  3. Observing rules and principles
  4. Working with determination to build confidence and agreement.

After explaining these, Jill spoke about the importance of the idea known as the River of Life and made a helpful diagram for all the students to connect their personal lives with that. She gace an exercise to the students that was extremely helpful in realizing their conflicts, and they learned how to resolve these conflicts through non violence.  Everyone participated and gave an interesting presentation. Alan then gave a talk on the Indian & American movements which gave the students a lot of detailed information about these.