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Buddhist Epistemology Workshop

The two day Buddhist Epistemology workshop was held on 24th and 25th Feb 2018 in Nagaloka. There were 24 people attending, 13 women and 11 men. The workshop was led by Prof. Bodhi from Tata Institute and Mangesh Dahiwale from Pune (a director of Manuski). Mangesh gave a talk on Buddhist Epistemology using four different approaches:

  1. The historical background of the Buddhist educational system
  2. The methodologies of various educational systems
  3. Buddhist systems of pedagogy in modern times
  4. The liking of people for Buddhist psychology and its theory of education

Prof Bodhi then has drew a diagram of Buddhist epistemology which gave a much clearer understanding of the topic. After his talk everyone had time to discuss and present their ideas. During their discussion and presentations everyone elaborated what they had understood, which helped others to develop their knowledge. There was a report and summarizing session on the workshop that came to the conclusion that a workshop on this topic should be provided once every three months.