Lokamitra (Jeremy Goody)

Founder and Advisor


Born in London, UK, he was ordained into the Western Buddhist Order (now known as the Triratna Buddhist Order) in 1974 by his teacher, Urgyen Sangharakshita. Since 1978 he has […]

Vivekaratna (Ramdas Tukaram Meshram )



He has played a leading role in the development of Nagarjuna Institute from the very beginning. From 2002 until 2018, he was the Director of Nagarjuna Institute, and responsible for […]

Maitriveer Nagarjuna (Prof Santosh Raut)

Deputy Chairman- Nagarjuna Training Institute


A professor in the Philosophy Dept of English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, and with a Ph.D in Buddhist aesthetics,  he has a deep understanding of Dr. Ambedkar’s thought and […]

Maitreyanath A. Dhammakirtee



As a youth he worked for the Buddhist Society of India (founded by Dr. Ambedkar). In 1980 he came into contact with the Triratna Buddhist Community (TBC) in Pune.  Since […]

Manidhamma (Ravindra Bhaware )



With an M.A. in Dr Ambedkar Thought, and very well studied in Buddhism, Manidhamma has played a significant role in the development of Dhamma activities in Hyderabad, Yewatmal and Nagpur, […]

Maitreyaratna (Trinath Kanta)



A student at Nagarjuna Institute between 2006-07 (5th Batch), Maitreyaratna, is a school teacher in Orissa where he comes from. He is the chair of the Nagaloka Association, a trust […]

Vajrajaya (Archana Thosar)



Since studying at Nagarjuna Institute between 2002-3(1st Batch) she has been working at the Manuski Centre, Pune, firstly as a librarian and more recently a social worker (completing her M.Lib […]