Nagaloka, A Major Center of the Buddhist Revival in India




Dharmachari Lokamitra is the Chairman of Nagaloka. Originally from England, he was ordained in 1974 by his teacher, Sangharakshita. Since 1978 he has been living in India and helping to initiate and guide Buddhist activities as part of the Trailokya Bauddha Mahasangha, Sahayaka Gana (TBMSG), which now has over thirty Buddhist teaching centres in India. He also works on social projects with Bahujan Hitay, a charity that has established over twenty hostels and many health and education community centres in the slums. In recent years he has started the Jambudvipa Trust, which supports victims of natural calamities (e.g. the Gujarat earthquake and the Tsunami) and advocates on behalf of Scheduled Caste people who are discriminated against in relief and rehabilitation work. He also initiated the Manuski Project which supports individuals and organizations who are trying to overcome caste divisions, advocate for human rights, and develop leadership among women. For the last twenty years Lokamitra has been visiting Taiwan and other Southeast and East Asian countries to raise funds and lecture on the situation facing Indian Buddhist followers of Dr. Ambedkar.

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