Nagaloka, A Major Center of the Buddhist Revival in India




Dharmachari Maitreyanath is a Trustee and Managing Director of Nagaloka. He came from a Buddhist family and as a youth he worked for the Buddhist Society of India (founded by Dr. Ambedkar). He was deeply inspired by Dr. Ambedkar’s thought, and in 1980 he came into contact with the Triratna Buddhist Community in Pune and decided to devote his life to Buddhist social and Dhamma work. He worked as a hostel warden and then got involved in medical aid projects, gradually taking on responsibility for the development of hostel and medical projects in India. In 1995 he helped start Nagaloka. According to Maitreyanath, “I have a deep longing for the dream of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar of making India a casteless society. When I talk to alumni who have graduated from our program I have confidence that we are on the right path. This training is a real necessity, and it is very important for the Buddhist world.”

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